Cornstalks, Humming birds, and Sunrises

It is 6 am again. Up before the alarm. Tossed and turned all night so no chance for dreams or much sleeping. Usually this makes me a very cranky person, especially considering that I have another interview today for a retail position. There wasn’t much chance to be cranky. The sunrise was a vibrant orange, pinkish color, dying the clouds over the corn fields in the back of my house. It is one of those moments that I kick myself in the arse for not having a niffty camera (mine really sucks) to get a picture of the view.

It is beautiful, the tips of the cornstalks tinged a golden color that gets brighter each time you look. Not only that, but there are these tiny, fast hummingbirds that poke out of the field and dart near the feeder. Swirling around they finally sit on the ledge and eat the food. My favorite Golden Finches are sitting at the bird bath, chirping away. Who could be cranky? Especially when you have a pot of coffee brewing? With the smell of coffee, the slight chill sneaking in through the windows, and the crickets and birds signing, I think I have a new favorite time of day. Everything smells so crisp, clean, new. As though night comes and takes away all that is used up from the day before, and gives you brand new blades of grass, kisses the flowers and herbs with dew, and encourages the birds to be just a tad more active each morning. Early bird, worm, and all that.

Everything is still quiet, without much noise being made by the neighbors. I used to hate being awake in the mornings, but now I think it is one of my favorite times of day. It is almost as though the powers that be in the Universe gift you for being awake so damned early, and they make it more beautiful. Just like sunsets, they gift you for slowing down enough to look and go “WOW”. I don’t have any photos that captured this moment for you, or any of the birds in the morning, so I do apologize for that. One day, when I get that $600 camera, I will be able to catch the moment and post it for you. For now, however, you are stuck with my lacking description.

Ok, found a picture online just for hecks and giggles. Yea the post is short, but you know I will more than likely write another one today when it is so short. Besides, my coffee mug is waiting to be filled up with morning goodness, the first cup of the day. You get that right?!

Just not harvested, still green and full. The color is right though!


Mrs 305


The Proclamation of the World’s Most Amazing Conqueror

Lord’s and Ladies, I bring to you the most wonderful, most insightful, the most crystallizing proclamation of our beloved Conqueror, my friend, my brother, Jermaine.

He is the conqueror not only of the lands and cities that surround us, but also of our hearts. He has become a beloved friend, a brother in arms, to bring about beauty and joy to this world. The eloquence with which he speaks brings tears to a gentle womans eye, and a hitch in the strong mans voice.

Jermaine, whose symbol is that of the wombat, has conquered the land with skill, voracity, elegance, speed, and a graciousness that is enviable. Please all stand aside, as our conqueror speaks:


“Comrades and constituents, behold the new land, Jermainenlande! Land of the brave! The loved! The most amazing land to behold, with brotherhood that runs strong as an oak tree. Join in arms with me, and we will conquer this world and make it not just our home, but a land and home for all! The wombat, skillful and graceful a creature as he is, will lead us into a new age, a new era, beholden to us for such intellect that we cannot look full on to its graces without being blinded! Come, join me, and we will make this era the most memorable in all of history!”

HA! Jermaine, my friend, a literal brother from another mother, you are most loved by Michael and I, and you will forever be the goofiest, humorous, laughter eliciting friend that I have ever known! 😀

Oh Sir Wombat, symbol of Jermainenlande!

Tranquility in Darkness

Most people believe that darkness is oppressing, depressing, an evil or vile thing. Many crave the sunshine and light that chases away the shadows lurking around. Darkness is not always evil, or oppressing, not always something to runaway from. Afterall you sleep in the dark, and most people don’t shun that darkness but seek it.

I find that sometimes the darkness offers a tranquility that the buzzing activity of light obscures. It always you to look inside, to listen harder, to sniff the air and use the other senses that are dulled by our eyes. Darkness is not always negative, but relaxing. I had always wondered why the negative is the first conclusion when expressing a view, and must admit that sometimes I am guilty of this too.

Maybe sitting in the darkened room is what spurned this random, jumbled post, but who knows. I know that I look forward to the darkness of each day, the twilight of each morning, right when the world settles down and is just not yet awake. The peaceful hours right after everyone has come home and the sun sets, or right before the sun rises.

(Stream of thought today, I apologize, as my mind is a bit bungled today. Almost Friday!)

In some areas the world comes alive in darkness, more motion and activity. I like to get away from the activity of so many people, the darkness and twilight afford this to me. I believe it is why I could never live for a long time in a huge city, and know that I will always seek a home right on the verge of a city, but not too close. I need the space, the air, the freedom acreage provides for self-reflection and just personal quiet time and privacy.

The way our society now lacks the privacy that is needed to not only cultivate yourself, but also your family, relationships, ect.Once again I do apologize for the jumbled mess my thoughts are today, I place the blame on lack of sleep and my anxiety for the weekend to hurry up and get here!

More later when my creative mojo wakes up…more hot chocolate please!

A is for Adventure

I really liked the G is for Goals post from last week, so I have decided to make a weekly post on Wednesdays dedicated to A-Z Inspirational Alphabet! Join in and create discussion in the comments section to make it more interactive if you like! 😀 I had attempted to post to another page, but I have not quite figured that part out yet! Enjoy readers!


Adventure is where your heart takes you.

Have you ever had the urge to pack up and take off? Go on a random road trip with no real destination in mind? I think about this all the time. I crave the impulsive road trip! Adventure can answer a lot of questions when you don’t even know it. Adventure can help you figure out what you really want out of life, or help you figure out who you are. Traveling to an unknown place, not knowing anyone there, can be a refreshing eye opener that allows you to really see the world, as well as yourself.

Whether it be the mountains, a desert, some far off beach; an island you never heard of, or the town over, adventure is good for the soul. It is healing, eye-opening, and it can guide you to a path you didn’t even realize you were looking for. So what is stopping you? Take that leap and go on an adventure, see what remains to be found!

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” – William Feather

When the Earth …


When the Earth is still and quiet, you can almost sense another presence around you. It is almost spring in Ohio, the flowers and trees blooming even though there will still be one more frost. I look forward to the storms, the lightening and thunder. I crave the torrent of rain like an addict. It is almost spirit freeing, that kind of rain. It takes your breath away and silences you into submission. When it stops, you almost cry because the storm is such a beautiful force. I love good weather, happy weather, but I love the storms more. The raging wind  carries to you smells that you try to recognize. Otherworldly almost.

It is not storming today, so I am not sure why I decided to write of them. Maybe because it is getting colder this week, and it makes me miss the promise of Spring. Either way, it is on my mind today. Sitting quietly at work makes me think of random things. The sun is actually shinning this morning, casting the glare on the hood of my car while driving on the highway. In Ohio, the sun was strong and soaked into your skin the past couple of weeks, but it is to be getting colder this week. Typical last snow before it actually warms up. I don’t particularly like being cold, but I search for the subtle beauty in each phase of the year.

What is your favorite part of the year? Which season, what weather, makes you happy? Sad? What condition makes you the most reflective?


Miss 305

The Mighty

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Its storming out…apparently it has rained 54 of the last 60 days….I kinda like the rain. I like the lushness of the landscape, the scent of dew and ozone with the lightning, the gusts of wind chasing each twig and branch around like a cat after a mouse. If it were a little warmer I would be outside, enjoying the gusts and droplets pounding the soil. Nothing better than feeling the wet earth under your feet and the wind…as though it would carry you off to somewhere new and special.

It can also be destructive in its beauty. Many a writer has spent hours upon hours writing prose about the weather…and I guess it’s because no matter how much science you put to it, the beauty, the awe, is still so captivating despite having logical and scientifically reasons behind each beautiful strike of lightning.

I hope it storms all night tonight, with gushes of lightning…we need a good spring storm…

Yes…this is all for tonight…I promise more to come since my writing has slacked off…but I would rather go get inspired by the rain right now….chous!

Daddys Advice

NGC 7293, The Helix Nebula, a planetary nebula...
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Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and spent the day eating good food and having great family conversations!!! I know I did!

I was checking my e-mail this morning and had received one from my dad.  We both subscribe to Higher Awareness The Inner Journey articles about spirituality and growth, and sometimes my dad sends me ones he thinks really hit what is going on with the family and each of the siblings.  Very thoughtful I think!! Anyways, here is the article from today that he sent me, which I think hits the spot for a lot of people.  I know with graduation coming up, hopefully gaining my first BIG-GIRL-JOB lol, loans, and of course being a broke college student with no idea where to go after spending the last 15 some years as a student I tend to think ‘poor me’ too.  That said here it is:

“What Wants to Change?”

“The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.”

Theodore Rubin

Our lives really begin to change when we learn to shift our perspective on ‘problems.’

From the spiritual perspective, problems offer our best path to growth. Like it or not, pain gets our attention. Pain also challenges the ego’s perception that it is in complete control of life. This opens the door for soul’s guidance.

If we want to be rid of the pain, we must do the work that leads us to greater consciousness. Paradoxically, we can only get rid of the pain by moving through it.

The next time you feel “poor me,” stop and ask, “What needs to change? What does my soul want me to learn?”

“No one can go back and make a brand new start. Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

— Source Unknown”

If you are interested in these weekly/daily inspirational e-mails here is a link for you:

This puts into perspective that sometimes things are just put in your way to help you, even if it seems as though that is not the case.  Another way to think of life a bit brighter!!!

Well, more later ladies and gentlemen, off to class on the French Absolutism I go!!!

Sins on A Good Friday

Signature of writer Edgar Allan Poe.
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Well what a title…I was just reading Edgar Allen Poe quotes on, which happens to be a website chock full of random inspiration for me, and this was the first thing I wrote down.  Might as well run with it I suppose.

Hmmm, but which sins to discuss?  There are some interesting ones, but not any that I would share with the wide internet world…sorry folk, propriety is appreciated sometimes you know! :):):)

It also happens to be Earth Day…so Happy Day to our Earth!!! I’m sorry we abuse you, mistreat and confuse you, neglect and refuse you, but we do love this little place called Earth.  Despite our negativity to you, I hope one day we can live in harmony with you once again!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Good Friday this year.  I am!  I made cottage cheese hotcakes with my mister tonight, and topped them with sugar-free Red Raspberry jam: delicious!!!! 🙂  Goofing off in the kitchen is always the best way to spend an evening, especially when in the company of such a handsome man as I happen to enjoy seeing!!  Speaking of this handsome man, he made a silly remark.  Mind you I am sitting in comfy clothes, my dark hair braided, with my glasses on, writing a paper for Absolutism in Europe class wrapped in a red and white crocheted blanket when he tells me “You will be a hot old lady!”.  Now, if I havent been surprised by random silly comments before, I am now!!! Mind you the sentiment was adorable, and the laugh welcome, but now I have been officially outdone tonight in randomness awards!!! The award goes to my lovely companion!!! 🙂 All of this happened after we listened to some Pete Frampton on!!!

I think stream of thought writing can be quite productive.  It is also a great way to refine writing, how the rhythm of your words flow…I don’t know, and you do not at all have to agree with my sentiments!!

“Filled with mingled cream and amber I will drain that glass again.  Such hilarious visions clamber through the chambers of my brain.  Quaintest thoughts–queerest fancies come to life and fade away; who cares how time advances?  I am drinking ale today!”

-Edgar Allen Poe

I believe it is this quote that not only led me to my title page (because the thought of drinking ale on Good Friday piqued my deviousness:)), as well as the urge to stream of thought compose.  I hope you enjoyed tonight’s ramblings, and wish you all the best for the night, as well as the weekend!!!


Blustery Days

The Silence
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It’s a blustery day on campus today, and the morning is full of people scurrying about, holding tight to their jackets, backpacks, and hats.  You never notice it, but the more we scurry about, the less we see.  I could be biased, but my favorite thing to do, no matter the weather, is to sit on a bench and just observe.  Now this goes rather well with a nice cup of coffee in my hands, and a spot of sun to sit in, but I’m thinking you get the picture I’m painting here.  My dad bought my mom this little green table with two little green chairs for the porch once, and I would catch them sitting there together talking, or just sitting in silence.  It always struck me as the most loving scene, two people enjoying each others silence.  Which is perfectly possible.  Silence is underrated…you miss a lot when you’re busy talking.  Now I talk, and around my parents I always talk, but one on one, silence is probably the most intimate, the most beautiful…beautifully sensual.  Hmm, now there is a thought that I could run with for a poem.  Why is it people are uncomfortable in silence?  Is it that they are completely insecure with their own thoughts that they need to make mindless chatter?  Granted I have experienced the moments of awkwardness, but the majority of the time I genuinely enjoy silence.

The wind offers that kind of silence.  A bundled up, cuddled together kind of silence.  It is almost as if the wind wants to steal your breath and make it it’s own, carry it away wherever it is the wind journeys to.  At least the sun peaks out now and then, to offer shadows the chance to dance.  I like science, and factual logic, but sometimes it is nice to think fancifully about things in nature, why things are the way they are.  Speaking of…

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday, we will call him Jim for blogs sake.  We were talking about getting emotionally involved with someone, and how that can make or break the sex life, and whether or not it is a smart idea.  Logically I know that the ‘love’ feeling is, biologically speaking, nothing more than serotonin and dopamine chemicals in your brain that either spike or lag, the same thing that, as my buddy Jim pointed out, a drug addict would feel.  Jim said “I don’t believe love exists, it doesn’t mean anything when it’s about chemicals.”  Now I wasn’t sure how to argue my point, nor am I any closer to finding it out either.  Jim said that it is not worth it to love, to bother saying it or feeling it.  IT just gets in the way…that it is a pretty way of describing using someone for your needs.  Now  I believe that love does mean something, that there is that one person (or several for some people) that at that point in time makes everything glow for you.  That you would rather be next to that person than anywhere else in the world.  I don’t think that wanting to see someone happy fulfills a need you have within yourself, therefore the idea of love is useless if you are just feeding each others needs, because that means ultimately we really are selfish creatures.  Despite his logic, which objectively sorta makes sense to me, I love.  I don’t think there is anything not worth loving.  I think without it, without the beauty of loving someone, something, life would seem a little less ‘shiny’ for lack of a better word.  To me life is more than chemical reactions, because if not, we would be no better than animals, there would ultimately be no reason to have the ability to think…thinking doesn’t serve a bilogical purpose, unless of course that purpose is to drive ourselves crazy…then that would be acceptable.  Either way, I feel a little sad for my friend Jim, and belive one day, a woman will knock him to his knees and he will finally understand what I mean…or he will sadly end up alone.  I hope he sees it!

On that note, I hope all of my dear readers share what they think, as you are always invited to, and that you have the best of today!!!


I’ve told myself over and over that I will not procrastinate anymore…that this time I will get everything done in a timely fashion, yada yada yada…so much for that!  While in the middle of writing a cultural stereotype research paper on Medieval Total War 2: Kingdoms I have realized that after this semester I will more than likely never want to touch another video game for at least three months!!  It is an interesting topic, looking into the perceived notions game developers have, or lack, of various cultures and how they try to merge them into their game content, but my brain is saying STOP!!

But while I may be procrastinating the last two to three pages of this paper, I may as well comment on some of the sources!

Firstly, Patrick Porter has a very interesting article about the conceptions of studying war in his article Good Anthropology, Bad History: The Cultural Turn in Studying War, which was presented in the Parameters in US Army War College Quarterly in 2007.  I recommend it for anyone interested in how culture may or may not affect the military strategies of modern-day warfare.

There is also Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media: A Pedagogical Discussion and Demonstration by Paul Martin Lester from California State University, which is vastly interesting in how students and people in general interpret images, sounds, and other various sense stimulation that may or may not perpetuate stereotypes.

Next we have an article review by Edward Said of The Clash of Civilizations which was written by Samuel Huntington, titled The Clash of Ignorance.  Very stimulating read!

Now that I have officially wasted a bit of time to get my thoughts in order, and shared a tad bit of scholarly works that may stimulate the stimulated, I bid you a farewell and goodnight!!!

Always Yours 😉 –Jessica–