Blind Union

Blind Union.


This post struck me deeply today and I wanted to share this writers words. Beautifully written, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


The Proclamation of the World’s Most Amazing Conqueror

Lord’s and Ladies, I bring to you the most wonderful, most insightful, the most crystallizing proclamation of our beloved Conqueror, my friend, my brother, Jermaine.

He is the conqueror not only of the lands and cities that surround us, but also of our hearts. He has become a beloved friend, a brother in arms, to bring about beauty and joy to this world. The eloquence with which he speaks brings tears to a gentle womans eye, and a hitch in the strong mans voice.

Jermaine, whose symbol is that of the wombat, has conquered the land with skill, voracity, elegance, speed, and a graciousness that is enviable. Please all stand aside, as our conqueror speaks:


“Comrades and constituents, behold the new land, Jermainenlande! Land of the brave! The loved! The most amazing land to behold, with brotherhood that runs strong as an oak tree. Join in arms with me, and we will conquer this world and make it not just our home, but a land and home for all! The wombat, skillful and graceful a creature as he is, will lead us into a new age, a new era, beholden to us for such intellect that we cannot look full on to its graces without being blinded! Come, join me, and we will make this era the most memorable in all of history!”

HA! Jermaine, my friend, a literal brother from another mother, you are most loved by Michael and I, and you will forever be the goofiest, humorous, laughter eliciting friend that I have ever known! 😀

Oh Sir Wombat, symbol of Jermainenlande!

B is for Bravery

Bravery is not just for knights fighting dragons, or soldiers being deployed. Bravery can get you through any situation. Singing karaoke, be brave enough to stand up to that mike and give it all you got! Moving to a new place not knowing anyone? Be brave enough to go out and meet new faces and new areas around you!

People get stuck thinking that to be brave it includes violence, or criticism. Yes, there are those that will give you criticism, and you might even cry (inside or out) from the cruel words of a cynic, but you do not always have to meet these things. Sometimes it is as simple as standing up for what you believe, or standing up for yourself, even when its standing up against your negative thoughts.

I force myself to be brave each day, pinning back the negative thoughts that encroach my morning haze, making sure that I try my best to stand up against my worst critic: myself. I am so mean, negative, cruel, and harsh to myself, making myself lose determination and faith in things that I really love or strive to do.

Bravery is what is needed, is what can push you through to the end even when you don’t want to.

So try it, try to be brave no matter how big or small the situation may be. Sometimes, it a small moment of clarity after being brave that makes you think “Yes, I can do this”, even if a person, or that little voice, is shouting no!

Even Mighty Mouse was small!

Birthday Wishes to a Not So Little Brother

Fred's Graduation day! O-H-I-O!!!

Today is a special day, with a special shout out! It happens to be my baby brother’s birthday, and I would like to do my part in making it special for him! You see, Fred is on heck of a guy in my book! Recently graduated from Ohio State University with more than one degree, he got a job offer right away, and will be moving off to Nebraska! Ord, Nebraska, population 2100!

Growing up I naturally did my part and tortured the living heck out of him, it was my job after all. Rubber snakes when he was a baby, mom’s mascara when he was two, with the antics getting more ridiculous and worse as he got older. Now we did not always see eye to eye, and we fought worse than cats and dogs, but now that we are a bit older, and no longer living in the same household, I must say that I miss him. Such a sturdy, strong, constant man with many talents. Playing the guitar, he practiced all the time growing up, and now I miss the way he would play at night. Though things change, and I am very happy for him.

Throughout the years of being his sister, I never realized that I would actually be proud of him, proud of what a fine man that he turned into. Maybe this is my year for nostalgia, but he is after all my brother, and no one knows me better than him (well Michael does not too). He was my first enemy, my first science experiment, and my first friend. Everyone knows that your first friend will always be there, no matter how high you rise, or how low you fall, we will always be there for each other. A couple thousand miles wont make a difference either.

So this is for you Fred! May your journey be one of adventure and love. May the road always lead you where you need to go, and that you listen closely to your heart. Stay true to yourself, never compromise yourself, work hard as you always have, and love so strong you think it will kill you. Remember that life can leave kisses as well as scars, and that each memory is always worth it! I love you Fred, and I have never been more proud of you, or the fantastic journey that you are on!

Happy Birthday


Tranquility in Darkness

Most people believe that darkness is oppressing, depressing, an evil or vile thing. Many crave the sunshine and light that chases away the shadows lurking around. Darkness is not always evil, or oppressing, not always something to runaway from. Afterall you sleep in the dark, and most people don’t shun that darkness but seek it.

I find that sometimes the darkness offers a tranquility that the buzzing activity of light obscures. It always you to look inside, to listen harder, to sniff the air and use the other senses that are dulled by our eyes. Darkness is not always negative, but relaxing. I had always wondered why the negative is the first conclusion when expressing a view, and must admit that sometimes I am guilty of this too.

Maybe sitting in the darkened room is what spurned this random, jumbled post, but who knows. I know that I look forward to the darkness of each day, the twilight of each morning, right when the world settles down and is just not yet awake. The peaceful hours right after everyone has come home and the sun sets, or right before the sun rises.

(Stream of thought today, I apologize, as my mind is a bit bungled today. Almost Friday!)

In some areas the world comes alive in darkness, more motion and activity. I like to get away from the activity of so many people, the darkness and twilight afford this to me. I believe it is why I could never live for a long time in a huge city, and know that I will always seek a home right on the verge of a city, but not too close. I need the space, the air, the freedom acreage provides for self-reflection and just personal quiet time and privacy.

The way our society now lacks the privacy that is needed to not only cultivate yourself, but also your family, relationships, ect.Once again I do apologize for the jumbled mess my thoughts are today, I place the blame on lack of sleep and my anxiety for the weekend to hurry up and get here!

More later when my creative mojo wakes up…more hot chocolate please!

A is for Adventure

I really liked the G is for Goals post from last week, so I have decided to make a weekly post on Wednesdays dedicated to A-Z Inspirational Alphabet! Join in and create discussion in the comments section to make it more interactive if you like! 😀 I had attempted to post to another page, but I have not quite figured that part out yet! Enjoy readers!


Adventure is where your heart takes you.

Have you ever had the urge to pack up and take off? Go on a random road trip with no real destination in mind? I think about this all the time. I crave the impulsive road trip! Adventure can answer a lot of questions when you don’t even know it. Adventure can help you figure out what you really want out of life, or help you figure out who you are. Traveling to an unknown place, not knowing anyone there, can be a refreshing eye opener that allows you to really see the world, as well as yourself.

Whether it be the mountains, a desert, some far off beach; an island you never heard of, or the town over, adventure is good for the soul. It is healing, eye-opening, and it can guide you to a path you didn’t even realize you were looking for. So what is stopping you? Take that leap and go on an adventure, see what remains to be found!

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” – William Feather

To This Old House, With Love

You run through the rooms not thinking twice most of the time, knowing that the walls will still be in the same place, the dust bunnies always hide underneath the chair in the corner, and that you will eventually get the tape on the ceiling that hung decorations for Christmas at some point. A house that has become a home for over 15 years is the equivalent to a second skin, it just is. The carpet is squishy and soft beneath your feet, you know exactly which floor boards squeak when walking through the kitchen; the smell of Murphy’s Oil on the maple counters is a welcome home sigh. Each tiny noise of the house as it settles around its inhabitants a contented sigh. Its home.

After living in the century ranch house it became home to my family growing up. The ghosts of memories can be seen in each room, carved and marked the walls and floors.Its doors banged open as my younger brother and I, along with our friends, slammed through the house each summer to play in the sunshine. The kitchen held witness to each family dinner, lecture, or family discussion of my entire childhood. It watched silently as I snuck out its windows at night in high school, and stood by when my family would curl up for a movie in front of its fireplace. Each year it took on nicks in the wood and scuff’s on the walls, dents too from the shifting furniture and the changing decor styles over the years. The 12+ acres provided such a wonderful world to grow up in. From the two lakes, to the woods we got to be Indian tribesman, cowboys and indians, aliens in a strange forest; we pretended that the woods was a vast jungle, the small garden was a lost oasis. Lakes turned into oceans and places of magical wonder. Fishing and boating were the past times of my childhood, and endless world of imagination that seems lost with the younger generation.

Going through all the stuff that I have collected in the last year or so and making the decision to keep or toss has struck something within me. I knew that the house was for sale and that one day it would be someone else’s family living in this house, but I suppose that a part of me never really believed it. Sitting among piles of “stuff” looking around, it dawns on me that things really are going to change. This house, this life, will never be the same. Michael and I will be married in June, the house will have a new family come the end of April, and as Spring comes to wake up the Earth, a new chapter will begin. As sad as it is to never sleep in my childhood home again, it is also exciting to move on to new paths.

So I say goodbye again. Goodbye to the multiple pets that crawled through the halls, goodbye attic that held dusty boxes of forgotten nick knacks. Goodbye to the kitchen, that was always the place to hang out with family, friends, and homework.  Goodbye to the creaking pipes, the view of the lake out the living room window. I will carry these memories with me forever, but goodbye to my childhood home, the house that built me, goodbye.

Goodbye with Love

Miss 305