L is for Liberation

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It is time to liberate yourself. Too often thoughts intrude during the day of should’s, have to’s, must’s…these overwhelming demands that we put on ourselves in the complete service and devotion to others. Yet when it comes to taking care of our own health and happiness we are called selfish and self involved. Yet this is a contradiction. How can someone take care of another human being if you aren’t doing the same for yourself?

Well how do you do this? Take time to meditate and be alone, to get to know yourself intimately. What are the things you need, what are the things you can compromise on, what are absolutes? Write them down. Write down career and life goals, and confirm with yourself what are the priorities you have in life. Next write down how to meet them. Once you have this done, you can see about those around you. Are there people in your life that do not support this higher you? Are there people in your life that drag you down instead of lift you up? Or are there those who support you completely? It is said that we are like the 5 people we surround ourselves with.

So liberation is the inspiration word. Liberate yourself from what society, families, friends tell you need to do, should do, and listen to yourself. Liberate yourself from obligation, and give yourself the freedom to be around those who serve this higher purpose in life. Give yourself the freedom of doing what is good for your soul, and this happiness will only enhance those around you.

Only by liberation, by letting go of what holds you back, can you trust your instincts and make the right decision for YOU. When you’re in that space, when you’ve made that connection with yourself you can only serve those you love better.




K is for…

Knowledge. You thought I was going to write kindness. Everyone tells you to be kind, it should be inherent, not something you should be told…just do it.

But knowledge…now there is a word. Many would tell you that knowledge is power, and it is, if used properly, but that is not the aim of this post. I want to ask, “What about the lack of knowledge?”

Dictionary definition of Knowledge
Dictionary definition of Knowledge

Information is easily at our fingertips every day, the way we learn this information is evolving, as well as our attention spans and ability to retain that information. Yet are you comfortable admitting when you don’t know something? If you lack the knowledge of a particular subject, do you easily admit this, or hide it with hurried, half assed explanations? I think that because information is so readily available many people are hesitant to admit they do not know something. Instead wrong information is then perpetuated in trying to come across as intelligent or knowledgeable. Do the people around you recognize this, or are they just as lacking? Why is it so difficult to admit the lack of knowledge and be open to learning?

Not only that, but if we perpetuate incorrect information, in some situations, professions, this could be life threatening or fatal. Imagine how this could affect patients of a doctor or nurse who cheated through school to pass. Or a lawyer, police officer, soldier, teacher, care giver, etc. By remaining delusional of our own sense of knowledge we could hurt another person, accidentally.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Stephen Hawking

When we can admit a lacking in our knowledge, or nature, it gives us a distinct opportunity to not only learn something, but to grow in character and integrity. By doing this we show strength in what we do know, and what we are still willing to learn. No one person can know everything…unless you’re Google.

So here is a challenge:

If you don’t know, just admit it. I promise it will look good on you!



J is for Judgement


We live in a society today that is encouraging people to embrace themselves and all that they are, while at the same time still holding on to a general consensus of social acceptability. This is true of everyone, young or old. While this is, of course, wonderful that society is beginning to change and become more inclusive, it’s not necessarily society that is totally to blame. I believe part of the blame is on ourselves and our own thoughts.

I lay no claim to having ever thoroughly studied bible verse, but in passing conversations or church services there is one verse that I remember about this topic.

“For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”” Galatians 5:14

Read it a couple of times, at least twice, and let is really sink in.

Love as you love yourself.

How can we as a society change the views of others when our own views are so flawed? How we judge others begins with our belief of our own shortcomings. If we find ourselves judging or being critical of another person, it may have its root within how we see ourselves. Judgement against ourselves acts as a slow poison. You are not completely aware of when it started or how, but it slowly interferes with the thought process daily. From how you look, to how you sound, act; your intelligence, career, school, clothes, house, sexual orientation, religion, friends. Every judgement you cast negatively against these things slowly chips away their worth to you, until you begin to become convinced this is true for those around you, and until you begin to judge others.

These judgements start at home. By taking ownership of this, we can begin to see ourselves in a favorable light to ourselves, so that we can then share this compassion and lack of judgement with others. Only by taking responsibility of our own minds can we begin to see the trickle of change within our society.

No one can occupy your generosity except you. Who can occupy your patience when impatience roars through you? Who except you can choose not to act with judgment when all of your thoughts are judgmental? Your life is yours to live, no matter how you choose to live it. When you do not think about how you intend to live it, it lives you. -Gary Zukav

I is for Inspire


I feel that the internet today, especially social media, is flooded with some type of inspiring story of a person beating the odds against a struggle, that people become immune to the “inspiring” aspect of it. Does this mean the stories don’t mean anything? No, absolutely not. However, it may be a good signal for people to disconnect from social media a bit, and see who around them, or what, is inspiring to them.

Who around you is inspiring? Is it someone beating the odds against a disease, disorder, or trauma? Is it someone really great at an activity or job? Inspiration isn’t only sparked by those doing amazing things. What about watching your garden grow from seedlings, to full blooming flowers? Or the way an animal moving around your yard while you sip your coffee/tea in the morning? Maybe it’s the sound of a loved ones voice?

I find inspiration hits when I am in different moods, watching and listening to what and who is around me. When I am busy listening and observing, I find inspiration for a vast amount of topics. The inspiration isn’t just for writing though. My family inspires me to stay close with loved ones, to strive for honesty and authenticity in all I do, and stay true to myself. My hubsy inspires me to be gentler, kinder, softer, at times when I revert to harsh habits. He also inspires me to take better care of myself, physically and mentally, than I ever had done before. For me, it’s the odd, every day things, that inspire me to make better decisions, choices, and to think differently about things.

There is no wrong or right way to be inspired, no correct way of looking for what may strike you. Each person is inspiring on their own, by the daily choices they make to be better people, to be a part of their families and communities. Each day brings a new set of decisions and obstacles, and inspiration to get through each one can be different day by day. So find what inspires you. It may be different tomorrow, and some days you might not be inspired at all. That’s okay. It will come, as long as you keep your eyes, heart, and mind open, inspiration will come. You just have to let it. That’s the hard part.


Mrs. 305

H is for Humility



Noun. The quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance,rank, etc.

“Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.”

Thomas Merton

I think if the world took a step back, and changed how they look at things, added some humility, we could come to terms with the violence and degradation of each other enough to move past what has been done, and begin to do what needs to be done for peace. I previously thought of making this “H is for Hate” just to write about the unnecessary side effects of blind hatred, and how it serves no good for anyone, even those hating. Humility struck me more.

Many times it is a person ego that prompts us to seek self-importance in whichever context. At work you seek to prove your worth not by working the best you can for you, but to show someone else that you are the best. This is ego. At school a student may be diligent in working at their studies, not because it brings them joy to study or because that is their duty, but to show others their intelligence. This is ego. A person may react jealously when talking with another, and insert themselves into conversations; not because they want to be part of the conversation for conversations sake, but to remind others of their importance. This is ego.

“Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.”
Saint Augustine

By implying we are of such importance over others, it prompts a circular string of behavior in others. Instead of just being present, and being authentic to yourself, the ego takes away from the experience with worry and stress. If we were to make humility a focus of our actions, we would work because that is what we are there to do. We would study because as students that is our duty. And we would love because, ultimately, that is what we are on this Earth to do.

So take a moment and look at the sky, and remember how small we are in the great universe that surrounds us. Think of how many people exist on this planet with us, and remember that a simple change can be a wave of self-realization. For yourself, for others, for all.

** If there are any errors in writing I apologize! I was  getting this posted right before work this am! 🙂 **

G is for Gratitude

Are you grateful? Usually people only think once a year what they are “thankful” for, but do you remind yourself to think of the things you are grateful for? I know that I don’t think of it everyday. There are a lot of things that I should be grateful for each day because I know it would be harder if I did not have them. Such as  waking up each morning, waking up next to Hubsy to be each morning, food to eat, all my limbs and my health, the love of a large and supportive family, strong ties to my siblings, beginning to make ties with my new family, the list could go on and on. It just is not a list that I think of each day. I should. So why do so many of us take the most basic things for granted each day?

Gratitude is sometimes the most overlooked sentiment in our society I believe. With everything at our fingertips these days, it is easy to forget how simple things are because of our technology. We forget to have gratitude for the basic requirements for survival, because we have them, it is expected. It is easy to overlook something, or even someone, that is always there and is expected to be. Not because it is a must, but because it or they have been. Yet have we stopped to think what it would be like if they were not there? Makes life a bit more bleak doesn’t it? Now imagine all those people living across the world who do not have the same things that we do, water, food. Two basic requirements for life, completely unavailable to others, while we toss out a ton of food, or over eat. I am willing to bet that if we were to cut back on the mass production of food for the fast food market, and ate only what we needed, we could feed the world. That is another topic completely, for another day.

So many people have life so much harder, more painful than any of us could imagine. Yet, because we are not faced with the same difficulties as others, we begin to take what we have for granted because we have always had it. We worry about our bodies, not being perfect, when we should be happy to have a fully functional and healthy body. We complain about not having the newest gadget, when we should remember that it is a luxury to have one in the first place. Life gets comfortable, we get complacent with the way things are, but once that comfort is shaken we feel as though it is the end of the world. It isn’t, not yet anyway.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” J.F.K.


F is for Forgiveness

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is to forgive. Whether we are forgiving family, friends, or ourself, it can be very challenging. Moving on, forging through life, things will happen, we all make mistakes. Sometimes small, sometimes huge, mistakes will happen to everyone. It is the challenge of forgiving and moving on that can either hold us back, or release us into our future. One of my favorite quotes that I have come across through the years about forgiveness:

I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note – torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one. —Henry Ward Beecher

True forgiveness is not easy. We must put aside our pride to achieve it, look through the anger and hurt, whether directed at someone or ourself, realize the flaws, accept, and move on. This can be the greatest challenge in any relationship. If we do not forgive, it will fester inside of us, turning us against those that we love, as well as against ourselves. Many people choose not to forgive out of fear, a solid, inescapable feeling of dread and insecurity which forces a person to cling to the anger and the grudge. This fear will not allow us to forgive, to set ourself, as much as the other person, free from being trapped into such misery. Are grudges worth that? Are they worth letting our lives be controlled by a mistake that someone made, holding us back from being happy? Another question to think about: Why do we want to stand in the way of our own happiness? Why would we hold ourself back in such a way?

Dont forget to forgive yourself too!

Moving through life we will always face obstacles, mistakes, wrong choices, people we don’t like, but these people should not hold us back from forgiving. Forgive yourself for having flaws and not being perfect.

Will you forgive yourself? To me, that is the hardest.

E is for Express

This is probably one of my favorite verbs! Express: to show, manifest, or reveal. Everyone has something to express, feelings, ideas, opinions, talent. Each expression lends a person power, the power to show the world, their community and culture who they are innately. Expression has a way of taking over, even if it is suppressed by a culture, religion or government.

Be Yourself!

From early on my parents always encouraged us to express ourselves, to be our own person. I took to this with gusto, wearing my pink tutu and playing my brothers drums when I was very young, to writing angst poetry as an adolescent, to formulating and critiquing myself and my words as a young woman. I have always rebelled against the suppression of creativity and individualism. From society, to my grandmothers view of what a woman’s duties are, I always assert my views and individuality. That is one thing that has been bugging me since moving in with my grandparents for the in between period: the fact that she still holds tight to the idea that a womans job is to be the one to do ALL the cleaning and home making. Sure I enjoy keeping house and decorating, but damn it all if I want equal I will get equal!

Oh goodness! What a change!

Expression is essential for people in a society like ours that expects you to all look the same. Many issues have arose because of this idealistic persona and look that we are to acheive. The suppression of our individuality forces us only to express what society wants us to. I believe that it is time to stand up and express ourselves the way we believe to be, instead of what others think you should be.

Do do do do it!

Go on, be yourself, express yourself! Jam out to whatever makes you YOU and enjoy it! 😀

D is for Distinctive

I do apologize for the late post on this one, as I had been sick and slept through my posting hours! 😀

Thats right, be yourself! 😀

There are many inspirational words that start with ‘D’. Determined, discipline, duty, devotion, desire, dream, drive, ect. It took me some time to nail down a ‘d’ word to use for todays inspirational Alphabet post, discarding words left and right for fear of being to cliché or wishy-washy. No one really likes to read the washed up cliché posts that are ALL OVER  the internet. I want to be more creative than that, a better writer than that. So here goes.

I have settled on distinctive. If you have a better word please provide it, because man my eyes went cross eyed in the ‘d’ section of the dictionary and thesaurus! Distinctive happens to be an adjective that describes the features and characteristics that discern, or set apart one from the other.

I like the word distinctive because it reminds you to be yourself. Every one of us is different, and distinct from the other. From our DNA, to our fingerprints, to our style, voice, hair, skin, and attitudes. This is ok, this is the way it is supposed to be. Society and cultures try to compress us, to usher us into this conformity that we just cannot match. With technology abundant, and the media blazing like a fire into everyone’s homes, it is even more impressed upon us than before. This urgency to be just like everyone else breaks down what makes us so special. It breaks down what makes us distinctive from each other.

So go out there and be distinctive! Be YOU in all of your wonderous, different glory! 😀 While many people share the same views and habits, we are still all very distinct from the other! 😀

C is for Control

Crtl+Alt+Delete so that you can take Ctrl

Control? Why control? Many people associate the word control with negative things, such as a control freak, or someone who is uptight, a perfectionist. Yet control is not always a negative word. In fact, taking control of certain things can be a positive change when done correctly.

When life changes around you, you cannot control it. You can only control how you react to it. Now this is something that I have to remind myself of every single day, because sometimes it is difficult not to take the reins on everything. You need to be able to adjust, to flow, and relax when things change. You do this by controlling how you react. Instead of panicking and having an anxiety attack, take a deep breath and remind yourself that it will be ok.

Taking control over your feelings is another way that taking control can be positive. It will leave you feeling a sense of relief, a sense of peace and tranquility. Anger is the best example. Instead of letting yourself get angry over every tiny single thing, try to take control of that anger. Grab anger by its imaginary hair and beat it into submission until you have it under control. When you let it get to you, you actually lose control over yourself, which can lead to an even worse situation than you were originally in.

One more way in taking control is over your body, your self-image. Many people, myself included, become to hate their bodies because of the image that is projected on us by the media and Hollywood. I know that I must force myself sometimes to take a hard look at myself physically, and teach myself to appreciate the strength and beauty that is my body, instead of hating it and focusing on the things I don’t like. Slow down and take a little more control over your body and how you treat it. Take more care of it and give yourself some well deserved self-love! Obviously I still run and lift, and always watch what I eat (aside from a cookie or two), but I am also learning to take more control over the way I view myself and my body, instead of letting others control that for me.

It is not always easy, and sometimes you might cry trying to gain control back over these things, but it is worth it.


P.S. I was originally going to use confidence for C, however control is what came out, so I went with it! 😀